Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Istanbul First Now Ankara, Turkey.... Viva Palestina 5 Convoy

Salam and hi my dearest family and friends,

I am now in Ankara, Turkey.

And I can 'smell' Gaza from here.... so excited....

Since the day we entered Turkey, first in Istanbul and now Ankara, the feelings I have cannot be described.

It is amazing, fantastic and bombastic to say the least...

I met so many humanitarian activists especially from IHH, including the ones who were on Mavi Marmara- the ship that got attacked, hijacked and kidnapped by the infamous zero-feeling and zero-heart Zionist regime.

I even get to meet one of the ladies on Mavi Marmara. Her name is Meral... I was so inspired by her....

Although there are times when we all are like cute and pretty (coz IHH got us nice homes to sleep and bathe) ducks and chicken talking, using sign languages and all- that didn't stop us from yakkity yakkity yak!

Somehow, we managed to make sense what the storyline was about... Haha...

Once we were driving on the road,  we used the word 'Gaza' and 'Mavi Marmara' to a lady who was by the roadside, and suddenly she starting crying!

Ayoyo... I felt so guilty.... and sad....

Then, there were many speeches too.

During one of the speeches, George Galloway, founder of Viva Palestina, mentioned that we soon will be traveling using the same sea route Mavi Marmara used and when we reached the exact spot of the attack, we will throw flowers etc as a gesture of remembrance of the innocent and kindhearted humanitarian activists who were murdered there.

I quickly text-ed Zabrina to tell her about this exciting news and that my will is on the way.

She said one more time such talk, she will fly here and personally throw me off the ferry.

Lol! Relax Zab.... just pulling your leg...

But then, I also said to her, she might as well do that, coz at the frequency of our texting, she could have bought a flight ticket to Gaza!

She said, maybe la...but only in cargo section!

Zab, Zab.... cargo or not, next time, I will drag you, Azian and Jem if I have to and come with me to Gaza!

Muah Muah from Turkey,

(posted by Sis Zabrina for Azura who claims she can drag her 3 friends with 100kg++ combined weight to Gaza. Ye ke nie?)

During one of the press conference


  1. lovely post, Azura. We pray for your success and safe return =). Keep up the positive spirit!

  2. Love this update! :D

    May Allah keep all of you safe :)