Saturday, September 18, 2010

Arrived in Community Center, Paris @ 08:20 (GMT+8)

Salaam and hi everyone,

I just arrived at Community Center in Paris. Felt so sleepy right now actually. It is about 1.30am Paris time. You guys gotta figure out the GMT ya, coz no internet access to find out myself. Below is one of the posters pasted in the large basketball hall where we will be sleeping soon.

Tried to capture some video during the trip but was a little bit hard due to the continuous movement of the van. Road was kinda bumpy.

There are some vans broke down mid way, and one of them was our Malaysian vehicles.

Now, I am eating some French loaf with some grape juice. Weird combination, I supposed for us, huh? But cool to do so nevertheless!

Right after this, going to wash up and clean up and off to bed.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to have lots of activities  and would be meeting the Mayor too! Imagine that!

Cant wait.

Ok guy, need my sleep now, this then...

Paris, France.

One of the posters in Community Hall, Paris where activists spent their night on 18th September 2010
(posted by Sis Zabrina for Azura)

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