Friday, September 17, 2010

Meeting Friends at Vehicle Collection Center- Luton, UK

Salaam and hello dear all,

Our team has arrived at the Vehicle Collection Center, Luton. There, we meet activists from many different parts of the world.

Bonding was easy as we are all there for the same purpose- the help the people of Gaza, bring the much needed aid, and ultimately to Break the Siege illegally imposed on them.

Many ideas and stories are exchanged. Some of the activists had participated in the previous journey, so, they have given me many tips on the 'how-tos', 'should-nots' and 'must-do'! Thank you guys!

At this center, we also signed what is called Code of Conduct Agreement.

Soon, we were assigned to our vehicles. It was amazing spirit among activists. Looking into the empty vehicles which will be filled either in Turkey or Syria, we just cant wait to start our journey.

Hopefully, by the time we reach Turkey, our personal load will be reduced significantly, thus, providing more rooms to stuff in the aid into the van.

Honestly, I wouldnt mind even if I have only half a seat left, so long as I can get all what the Gazans needed into my van!!

Once we got our vehicle confirmed, we start sticking our stickers unto it. And the response from the VPUK was 'WICKED!!!!"

Lol, I cannot agree more!

Our VPM stickers look fantastic on our van. Of course, a few of the stickers have to be repositioned, as Zabrina got the full layout of the van only after the sticker was designed, and as she said, 'just stick it anywhere you find space'.

And that's exactly what we did!

So, that's all from now, reporting from Luton Town, UK.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Land Convoy 5- 17th September 2010 @ Luton, UK

(Posted by Sis Zabrina on behalf of Azura)

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