Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Light is On! Green Light is On! - Viva Palestina 5 Land Convoy

Salam and hi my dearest family and friends,

I can barely control myself right now!!!

Today, after close to about 10 long, testing, dragging days- Viva Palestina Convoy 5 volunteers received the news we have been waiting for all this while.

Tweets and text messages were flying out the window carrying this great news from all over.

And the news is this....

At 6.57pm Syrian time, Kevin, our Chief of VP called the Egyptian Embassy in Damascus and received confirmation from Dr Mohd Fayyumi that Viva Palestina Convoy 5 has received FULL permission to sail from Latakia to El Arish Port using any number of ships!

My heart skipped a beat upon hearing this news.

Breathe Azura... breathe....

Ya Allah...  Zabrina!!!! Did you hear that??

WE are going to Gaza, babe!!

WE are actually going to Gaza!!

WE, as in you and me; and the whole supporters and donors of Viva Palestina 5 Land Convoy!!

Egypt has finally turned her stop-red light to a go-ahead bright flashing green!

And I think a thank you is in order, so, thank you Egypt....

We will start sailing on Friday inshaAllah. Right now, Viva Palestina is arranging the ship to come from Cyprus to Latakia to pick us up and bring us to El Arish, Egypt.

Eh, sounds like macam naik cab pulak... haha...

And Zab, you cannot imagine how crazy the atmosphere over here right now.

Just in a split second, the celebration began. Almost all the flags that are not tied up are waving and music can be heard from miles away.

Everyone is jumping, hopping, hugging, dancing, singing and of course, crying.

And if you, Jem and Azian are here- I think what 4 of us would do is only one thing -- crying!!!

Oh, wait, on second thought, I think you and Jem would be jumping and hopping too- just like little cute bunnies! Lol!!

Me and Azian are way too cool to jump or hop around...hehe...

As I chocked trying to collect my thoughts and calm my heart, I whispered to my Lord, the Greatest Planner of all.

Ya Allah, I humbled myself in front of You, and I thank You, full of gratitude for making this day come true for us all...

Overwhelmingly happy,
Azura from Latakia.

(posted for Azura by Sis Zabrina who wishes she is actually crying joyously while jumping and hopping next to Azura even if she looks like a little bunny!)

p/s Dr Musa, sorry I hijacked your pictures for my blog. Biasa la, kan.... cannot sent mms anymore to Zab.... must be Ms Zi punya kerja....

Happy Volunteers

Flags Waving and Dabka Dance?

Texting home of the great news!

Wave the flags!!!

VP Women are calmer.... hehe....

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