Monday, October 4, 2010

Now in Syria after 20 hours Driving - Viva Palestina Convoy 5

Salam and hi my dearest family and friends,

Today morning, I was awaken by the ringing of my phone.

As it was dark, I could not locate my phone fast enough, and the ringing stopped.

Squinting my eyes, I tried looking at the phone screen and saw Zabrina's number.

'Salam Zab, did you call? Sorry, I missed it. It is 5.50am over here....' was my text to her.

'Oppss... sorry Azura, I just haven't heard from you or Azra for sometime; and I got worried...cannot sleep...'

I don't blame you Zab, for worrying.

I have been traveling aka driving for the last 20+++ hours, from Adana, Turki to Latakia, Syria!

And as the phone signal was very unstable. None of my messages got thru to Zab.

But, nevertheless, still amazing, right?

Our convoy's journey started at about 9.00am and lasted that long.... just look at the map below (which I again ciplak from Aqsa Syarif's FB. Sorry guys, too tired to find my own map!)

Point A = Adana, Turkey; Point B = Latakia, Syria
To all my family members and friends, I find it a bit challenging to update my fb, twitter, blog in Syria; and even to sent text messages and mms to you Zab.

So, bear with me for a moment until I can figure things out...

Also, just so you know, the news about Malaysians killed etc etc etc are all big fat rumours! Don't believe them... anything you need to know, call Zabrina ok?

And right now, we are at the camp in Syria... all busy preparing for the arrival of hundreds of other activists joining us just before we board the ship to Gaza.

Did I just say Gaza??


Haiyo.... by just mentioning the name Gaza makes me feel so excited....heart pumping so fast....

I really cannot wait to set foot on the land where just 2 years ago, I watched in horror and tears seeing the white phosphorus used to kill and murder innocent people...

Wait my dearest Gazans, we are all here coming for you!!

Hish, tak sabarnye.....

Take care all, inshaAllah, will write again soon!

Hugs from Syria,

(posted by worried and sleepless Zabrina for her exhausted and sleeping Azura)

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  1. Hopefully...israel is not trying to do anything this land flotilla.