Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Vehicles On Board! - Viva Palestina Land Convoy 5

Salam dearest family and friends,

Last night at about 9.44pm Malaysian time, I texted Zabrina...

'We start driving d van onto d ship in 20 min...'

Of course,  Zab being Zab, she went curious and questions were flying to me like a bazooka!

She wanted to know the size of the ship..

Good question... but as I also dont know, so, I asked her google it up.

The name of the cargo vessel is Strofades IV, wak... I told her.

And a few minutes later, she texted me...

Waaa.... so huge....

Of course so huge babe, it fills up 143 vehicles!

Although I feel sad and a little bit anxious that the activists wont be sailing together with our vehicles, I pray our cargo vessel will reach its destination safely, ameen....

And tomorrow, me together with the 400 activists will be flying into Cairo then drive to the El Arish Port to wait up for our vehicles....

Then, God Willing, we will drive into Gaza!!!

We are all praying that we will be able to make Jumaah prayer in Gaza this Friday... ameen...

Meanwhile, take a look at this cargo vessel picture googled by Zab, and watch this video googled by Jem!

Love always,

(posted by Sis Zabrina for the anxious Azura who is maybe right now about to leave Syria)

Strofades IV 

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