Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Viva Palestina Malaysia In Action! - Viva Palestina Convoy

Salam dear all,

Yesterday, in her sms messages, Zabrina told me of the high level of activities Viva Palestina Malaysia had these past two days, meeting the officials to facilitate the speedy entrance of the convoy into Gaza.

On Monday, at about 10.30 am VPM activists has made their way to the Egyptian Embassy in Malaysia to send in their appeal letter for an immediate departure date of Viva Palestina 5 Land Convoy to Gaza.

Then, later in the evening, they went to an interview in TV3 to make public their appeal to the Egyptian Government to let the Viva Palestina Convoy 5 sail to El Arish Port in Egypt.

And the very next day, Sis Jamilah & Sis Elya met the Minister of Foreign Affairs Datuk
Anifah Aman at Parliament,  Deputy Minister & senior Ministry officials.  The Minister was presented with the press release & letters sent to the Egyptian embassy. It was explained that the Egyptian embassy had cited two reasons why Cairo has yet to give the go-ahead for the convoy to move on ie security concerns in Rafah and the size of the convoy. Datuk Anifah promised to take the issue up with his counterpart in Egypt and to try reach a compromise in that the convoy be allowed to set sail immediately from Lattakia to El-Arish and wait at El-Arish for further instructions. They also met Datuk Mahfuz Omar, Deputy President PAS/MP for Pokok Sena who appeared concerned about the fact that the convoy is stuck at Lattakia & said he would bring it up in Parliament.

Thank you all my friends in Malaysia. Let us hope that our efforts are fruitful, ameen!!

(posted by Sis Zabrina who is working overtime so that Azura wont be too long in Latakia)

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