Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why Am I Sleeping in a Tent? Viva Palestina Land Convoy 5

Salam dearest all,

Yesterday, after posting up my Casa de Azura castle/bungalow pictures, I was asked why am I sleeping in a tent when there are actually beds available?

Aunty Mimi (Dr Musa's +1) asked if I actually sleep inside the tent?

Zabrina was sooo curious coz she saw many pictures of rooms with beds available. So, why does Azura sleeps in a tent, right?

A few others even feel so sad (for me)  thinking I was not given any bed....

To my dear family and friends out there, dont worry ok...

I want to declare that me, Azura, sleep in a tent because I want and choose to!

Eh, nice la sleeping in the tent... Really.... trust me....

As for the reasons why I am sleeping in a tent, I will share, but for only one reason.

No, no... actually two reasons...

One is for the benefit of others who wants to join any future convoy and;

Two is for others who might still think we are here on a holiday trip.

And the reason is this:

When we arrived, the mattresses in my room had lizard feces all over it, and the room was full of cobwebs.

And when I look up, I saw some strange orange looking lizard! Not like the light brown ones we have back home.

So, of course, no need to explain why the orange looking lizard crawling in the room actually freaks me out, right? Lol!

But still, I wanted to try sleeping there.

Unfortunately, my body started itching after a short while sitting on the mattress.

Haiyoo.... I can tahan many things, but one thing I do not want to deal with right now is gatal2 and itchiness.

And because I don't want to have red spots all over, and don't want to spend my energy scratching here and there, I decided to sleep in my sleeping bag that night...

Lucky I did!

Some people who didn't use sleeping bags while sleeping on the mattresses were scratching away the next day!

Anyway, that's when I decided to sleep in the tent. Which is now has turned into my own personal castle...

Excellent! Hehe....

So, again... don't worry, coz I am happy sleeping in my castle!!

And happier still coz in my castle, I get to dream and berangan what will it feel like to be in Gaza....

.... and hold those little Gazans children in my arms, and play balloons with them..... and hugging them... and let them hold my hands with their tiny little fingers.....

(Zab, Jem and Azian, don't cry now...)

Till then!
Azura from Latakia...

(posted by Sis Zabrina for Azura who now gets to dream privately all what she wants to do in Gaza in her Casa: Itch-free!!!)

Picture courtesy of Dr Musa. As he rightly put it
'Psychological preparation for next convoy- An army camp cum prison' 

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  1. You really pakai kain batik ke tido dlm tent? Kuat betul semangat melayu you hehehe..........aiseyyyy malu la, I dekat sini pun hardly put it on