Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Are The Humanitarian Aid Loaded Into Our Vehicles? Viva Palestina Convoy 5

Salam dearest family and friends,

How are you guys back home? Doing well?

It has been 8 days now in Latakia, Syria. Egypt still has not given us the date to sail to El Arish Port.

And during the first few days of this 8-days stretch,  Zabrina complained to me ...

Wak, why la your sms so far apart and few?... response pun so slow?....

Haiyo, Zab.... I forgot to tell you... I was so busy doing my bit to administer the loading of the humanitarian aid into the vehicles...

So sorry....

And then she got curious and asked what are the things that were loaded into the vehicles.

And like Zab, many others were curious, wanting to know what are the items loaded into our 143 vehicles!

I would too, if I am them.

Especially, if I have contributed in some way to this Land Convoy, right? .... must know where and how my precious ringgits were spend!

So, for my curious Zab, friends and donors to VP Convoy out there, let me briefly explain the content of all Viva Palestina 5 Global Lifeline to Gaza vehicles.

It is simple, really....

Generally, the items or aids we are sending into Gaza are in form of medicines, medical equipment, surgical equipment, school supplies and educational equipment.

Some of the details are below:

- Medicines includes tablets, syrups and injectables.
- Dressings mainly disposables for operations and wounds.
- Special stoma bags for colostomies (gut brought to skin surface and draining faeces)

We also have various medical equipment including urinary catheters, feeding tubes, chest tubes and artificial airways.

There are resuscitation equipments for examples ambu bag and oxygen pipes.

Some surgical appliances we have are  surgical scissors and surgical sets

There is also a machine for rapid tests for usage in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

For babies of Gaza, we have some infant ventilators and specialised baby milk formulas.

Last but not the least, for the eager-to-learn and brilliant school children in the Gaza, among the things we have for them are stationaries, notebooks, school bags, papers, minimal clothing, some computers, some shoes, some educational equipment and of course, books.

And yes, Zab, I was chewing my gums while on duty loading these things! Somehow it helps me think... Lol!

And for all out there, enjoy the pictures below showing the humanitarian aid to Gaza made possible from all your donations and contribution to the Viva Palestina Land Convoy 5.

Till then,

(posted by Sis Zabrina who is totally flabbergasted by Azura's medical knowledge for Azura who is still stuck in Latakia!)

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