Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From One NO to 17 NO? Viva Palestina 5 Land Convoy

Salam and hi everyone,

By now, I am sure you all have heard about the new conditions set by the Egyptian government.

The condition is this- if the VP convoy wants to enter Gaza, there are an additional 17 of our convoy members must be left behind!


Yes, Egypt said NO to 17 of our convoy members from sailing to El Arish Port, Egypt and by that they are automatically banned also from entering Gaza...

First it was only George Galloway, our Viva Palestina founder. A big NO.... that's banned #1...

Then, suddenly... yesterday.... 17 more NO banned pops up!

I don't know what to say....

Feel so sad for my 17 friends...

Some of them have already travelled like 5000 km, sleep sitting in the vehicles, get beaten by mosquitoes, sleep in freezing cold weather, not bathe for days,  traveling across a few countries just so that they can tell others and create global awareness about the oppressed Palestinians... about Palestinians living under siege.. about Palestinians living in open prison....

Plus, they also want to send in the wheelchairs, books, toys, pencils, medicines etc to the people of Gaza.

What is so wrong about that?

And now, last minute, Egypt say they cannot go to Gaza???

Haiyo.... this is so wrong... so wrong...

I wonder if these same people want to go for Pyramid visiting, will they be allowed to enter Egypt?

Hah.... maybe we should try and test that, right?

If yes, then it means that Egypt is stopping people from entering her soil just because she wants to stop these people from entering her neighbouring country, right??

Can ke, like that?

So illogical....

But again, what has logic got to do when it comes to the Palestinian issue, right?

Just look at the all UN response if you don't believe me...

I am ciplak-ing Dr Musa's plus one from Adnan post about a few of our banned convoy members... no need to reinvent the wheel, right guys?

1 Sh Ismail is an 83 year old Jordanian and was always in the first saff of tahhajud prayers. After prayers he would sit with the young hafizs and offer his wisdom and counsel. He was on mavi marmara. His son has also been banned. Sheikh spoke passionately for George Galloway to be allowed on the ship but he suffered a similar fate right now.

2 Our muezzin was also banned. He was always first to rise at 0330 hrs to spread the prayer carpets and fix the sound system. I cried for him cos I got to know him so well. In Jordan he was the imam of a masjid but he humbled himself to be just muezzin and pushed all the younger hafiz to lead the prayers. He always led the reading of the al- mathurat after subuh and he has such a beautiful n moving voice. I will miss him terribly.

3 One of the Turks is two doors from our dorm. He is such a lovable man always smiling and raising his hands to his heart when greeting us. He was on the mavi. Just this morning at 6 am I offered him cappuccino and he gracefully said no and thank you and smiled. And he was walking up and down the dorm corridors listening to Sh Husayry quranic recitation. The many Turks would crowd around him. I will miss his smile.

4 Each of them have a painful story to tell. One Jordanian man was in gaza on vp3. He promised a seven year old girl that he would be back with more toys for her. He has lots of toys but his heart bleeds cos he will not be there to see the happiness on the child face !

5 Another Jordanian who was on mavi was glad that on his return from the ship he was able to answer all the questions from his children about the flotilla. How is he going to face his children now ? How is he going to respond to the innocent questions from his kids with the foul games men play?

6 Egypt mistook Amina, an activist from UK as George Galloway's wife. George explained that his ex-wife was Amina, and it is certainly not this Amina who is single. He said Amina would not marry him anyway.

7 Zaki, who has never been in convoy is also banned. How is a person not in convoy being banned from entering Egypt?

May Allah bless these noble souls over n over. And make it less painful and sorrowful for them.

To all my banned friends, your spirit and dedication to the Palestinian Freedom will motivate me further, inshaAllah!

Till then, still in Latakia,

(posted by Sis Zabrina who is so proud of Azura staying positive and objective-driven at this very trying and testing times)

Press Conference on 17 banned members of convoy. In blue t-shirt, is Amina, UK, banned.

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