Friday, October 1, 2010

My Palestinian Friends: A Viva Palestina Malaysia Friendship Project

Salam and hi dear all,

Today morning, Zabrina texted and told me that the Viva Palestina Malaysia interview with the Al Amin school children about their drawing project on TV3 went well.

Alhamdulillah... I cannot wait to see the uploaded youtube video.

Zab also told me about the VPM project for Children under the Friendship Committee that is called 'My Palestinian Friends' on Facebook.

This project is to help children around the world generally, and Malaysian children specifically to understand what is happening in Gaza....

And why Aunty Azura, Aunty Azra, Uncle Faizal, Uncle Zin and so many other uncles and aunties are driving towards Gaza right now!

So, to all my cutie pies out there, if you are curious about what is happening in Gaza, watch the video below, ok?

(Posted by Sis Zabrina for Azura who is closing in to Gaza)

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