Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Are in Gaza!!! Viva Palestina 5 Land Convoy

Salam and hi my dearest family and friends,

At 10pm, Malaysian time today, we, the Viva Palestina 5 Land Convoy is destined by the Al Mighty to be standing in the land of the Prophet, Palestine.

To be exact, Gaza....

I cannot express my feelings as we were nearing to the Border moments before.

When I saw the sign, 5 km to Rafah Gate... I was like.... someone pinch me....

I snapped 2 photos of the road signs and sent them to my super girls- Zab, Jem and Azian.

And as expected, all the 3 cry babies started crying....


Guys,  stopped  crying ok... you are not helping me here..... I cannot go into Gaza crying.... not especially when I have Mr Malaysia Tough Man (who was selected among the 30 to be on the cargo vessel to El Arish Port) beside me- Dr Musa!

Then, suddenly.....  I saw the infamous Rafah Border- the yellow brick shaped like an upside down half-U that if we get passed it, will bring us all to Palestine...

This is the same gate that I have been seeing all these while in the news, video clips and youtube videos...

My heart just beat so fast.

Then at 22.10, Malaysian time, I sent out a message to my 3 beloved darlings...

** Oct 21 Thu 22:10 **
 Azura:  We are standing in palestine !! Alhamdulillah

 ** Oct 21 Thu 22:28 **
 Azura:  Its thinking of the 3 of you that makes my eyes teary. You have all worked so hard for this n I wish you were all here.

And they answered me...

 ** Oct 21 Thu 22:28 **
  Jem:  We r azura :) u r representing all of us and we were meant to be here for a reason! Its ok! We r there!! :)

 ** Oct 21 Thu 22:32 **
 Azian: We are Azura, somewhere in yr pocket..:)  
 ** Oct 21 Thu 22:38 **
 Zabrina:  :'( :'(

(Zab as usual, speechless... and prefer to express using her crying emoticons)

Zab, remember what I said?

 "we shall only cry if it will make us stronger"

And of course, she refused to listen to me on this matter... Azura, why can't you just let me cry!!

Ok Zab... cry away babe... I know you will anyway....

I have so much to share but for the time being, I am too busy hugging the Gazan women!

And I chocked when one of them whispered to my ears - thank you for not forgetting us...

Yes, Zab.... this time I cried....

I will leave you with these photos and will be posting more very soon, inshaAllah....

Love from, (guess where??)

Yes, you are right!

Love from Gaza, (p/s: i have been waiting to sign off this way for years!)

(posted by Sis Zabrina for Azura in Gaza!) (p/s: I have been waiting to sign off on your blog this way for weeks!)

Egyptian Police Escorting Convoy to El Arish Port

El Arish Port, Egypt

Don't worry officers, we come in peace....

Dr Musa- terrified by my driving skills!

Closing into Rafah Border

Rafah - 5 km ... the sign that makes my Zab, Jem and Azian cried...

Looking for Palestine? Go straight ahead!

The yellow gate that has been appearing in my dream for years....

Please enter Palestine one by one....

My sisters in Palestine....

The teacher who has drawings for Malaysian children!

Yeah!! We broke the siege!!!

5000+ km of driving is worth this moment of happiness!

Speech! Speech! Speech!

Just now was at the border... now really going into the city of Gaza....


  1. Incredible--am following the news from both azra and azura. Admirable courage all of you. May Allah keep you all healthy and safe
    love to Gaza via Azura

  2. Oh My God.. I am just so proud of you.. Your cuz.. Ambar.

  3. mashaallah, may allah shower his blessing on u..

    send our regards to our brothers and sisters in palestine...

    together we'll free palestine, the land of the prophets from the oppresive isra-Illegalis

  4. i cry! thank you azura. thank you for this. it makes me believe strongly that one person can make a big difference and that there is NOTHING that YOU & ALLAH cannot do together!


  5. I've been tailing this blog for weeks along with Facebook updates from VP.. No other words to be said now, except Alhamdulillah and MashaAllah.. Allah's blessing and help ,takkan ada orang bole lawan. Kudos to you Azura and everyone in the envoy.. wish I have the same courage and hope to be there too, one day

  6. mambrook :') it brings tear to my eyes with this new development. it seems your hardship pays. one of my uncles was shot by an israeli army infront of his house back in the 50s , when they were invading jordan, lebanon etc. he was only about have no idea how i hate the zionists..

  7. Alhamdulillah.... I'm reading this for the entah kali ke brapa (between work) today and the tears still come full force at the bit where the sister whispers her thanks to you for not forgetting them....if before this, i am aware of what we can and should do, no matter how small, following your trip and experience this past month has inspired me to do even more for our our brothers and sisters in Palestine, dear sister. May you be under Allah's protection and come safely home (only so that you can do even greater things for them after that!) and may you be able to bring some cheers to the children you so talked about whilst you're there.

  8. Alhamdulilah. Thank God!

    Convey our luv and prayers to the people of Palestine.

    May Allah bless you guys