Thursday, October 14, 2010

Palestinians Rights to Return - Viva Palestina Convoy 5

Salam and hi everyone,

Yesterday, the feeling in our camp was amazing. Everyone was all pumped up and roaring to go.

Myself included...

I feel like I have just woken up from a bad dream... and now I am in a La-La land where all are nice and sweet.

Sometimes I had to pinch myself- Is it real that I am going to set foot in Gaza in a few days time, inshaAllah? Betul ke nie?

If this is also a dream, no one wake me up, ok... I will probably punch you... haha...

The thought of entering Gaza, Palestine is the reason why at times I senyum-senyum sorang2... couldn't help smiling la.... Being in Gaza is one of my sweetest dreams....

Then during our morning meeting where Kevin explained the latest happenings and give us the updates, he showed us a plastic bag.

What is so special about this plastic bag?

The person who gave Kevin this bag was an old, old man. And a poor one too, with nothing much to spare.

But the moment he found out that we are preparing to go to Gaza, he bought some groceries with the little Syrian pounds he had, put them in the plastic bag and gave it to one of our volunteers....

'Please take it...', I can imagine him saying it...

Huyooo.... emosi sekejap.... like Dr Musa say... we all became very smonel (emotional) for a moment....

Zab, if you are here, I dont know what will happen.... probably cry and insist on looking for this Atuk....

Then I remembered something...

We are all leaving for Gaza to meet and deliver humanitarian aid for the oppressed Palestinians; but at the same time we are leaving these beautiful Palestinians in Syria who have been kicked out of their own land and now live as refugees!

Syria alone has embraced 600,000 Palestinian refugees since the heartless Zionist Regime of Israel invade and illegally occupy Palestine.

To my family and friends, Zabrina has collected some pictures taken at the Palestinian Refugee Camp in Latticka, Syria by other activists in this convoy.

While we are helping the Palestinians in Gaza Break the Siege, let us never forget the Palestinians who has lost their homes and thrown out of their own land.

Let us help them to get their Rights to Return to Palestine, coz that's where they came from and that's where they really belong....

(posted by Sis Zabrina for Azura who is on her dream journey)

The Simply but Ugly Truth - Face it!!!

Palestinian children in Syria

Azra Banu from Malaysia with her newly adopted Palestinian girls in Syria!

Modified Motorbike - So smart!

The Alley in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Syria

Palestinian Boys

Dr Zin from Malaysia with Palestinian children

Dr Zin and Aqsa Syarif visiting Palestinian Home

Happy Palestinian Kids

Aqsa Syarif visiting Palestinian Refugees in Syria

VP Activists invited to Palestinian home

Palestinian kids awaiting to play football

Kevin with some Palestinian children

Celebrating with Palestinian children

Palestinian Refugee Camp in Latakia, Syria

Victory! says Aqsa Syarif together with the Palestinians

We are brothers!

Some Palestinian homes in the Refugee Camp

Best of Friends are the ones you grow up together with!

Unsafe condition - just look at the wires!

Pepper with some beautiful Palestinian ladies

Activists with Palestinians children

We are sisters!

Wonder whats on his mind....

I will always be a Palestinian!

I love you Palestine...

Backyard of Palestinian homes in the Refugee camps

This is our playground

Let us get to know one another

Happiness is us!

Conditions of homes in the refugee camp

Where the Palestinian refugees live

We are one family!!!

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