Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the way to Ancona Port, Italy for Viva Palestina 5 Convoy

Salaam and hi everyone,

How are you guys back home?

As for me, I am ok, doing great, alhamdulillah. Except that I was shocked and sad to hear about the passing away of one of my friends from Orphan Care, Sis Nadra's father. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun.

May Allah shower His Mercy on his soul, ameen....

Right now, I am on a ferry moving into Greece. And most importantly, getting closer and closer to my second home- Gaza, inshaAllah!

But before we got into the ferry, last night, we slept over somewhere somewhere by the roadside, not at the petrol station as planned earlier....

Seems like every truck driver on our highway had planned to sleep at the same petrol station! So, very packed and jammed. That must be a very famous petrol station, huh? 

And we, me and Azra decided to sleep in front of the van, eh, not in front as like depan the van la... i mean inside the van, but the front seats...

This was because the night before, when we sleep at the back of the van (inside, ok) it was soooo cold!

And clever me, forgot to wear my socks and gloves. Actually Zab reminded me to wear them but I fell asleep before reading her text message.

So, by the time I read her message, it was too late...

And worse, my sleeping bag's zipper kept on sliding down. Zabrina asked me, why was the zipper sliding down all the time, the zipper loose ke?

So, i told her... me and my sleeping bag not the same size mah!

Sleeping bag size = S, Me = ??? .... Haiyoo....

She laughed like crazy....

So... next trip, cannot borrow from my comel comel (Jem, this means cute cute) friend's sleeping bag anymore... hehe....

And the luckiest of all are my friends who are driving the ambulances. Their stretchers became their beds. Best, right? :))

Anyway, the next morning, I had coffee and cheesecake for breakfast. Alhamdulillah, not as filling like my nasi lemak etc, but, still nice breakfast, nevertheless...

And Zab told me, take some pictures of you laa, fresh after shower. And I told her, what shower?? I havent taken one in the last 24 hours! hehe....

Seems that Adnan's, the Viva Palestina Malaysia's words were correct in one of our meetings. He said, 'those who plan to be in the convoy must start your training from now.... stop showering for 3-4 days....';
(hint to future convoy members: bring lots of deodorant!)

Ok la you guys, need to go for a bit. See you in the next post!

Lovey, lovey,

(posted by Sis Zabrina for Azura- the deodorant-laden gal)

Zab, here is my freshly showered photo. Next to me- Dr Zin from Aqsa Syarif.


  1. salam..nice to c u freshen up wif coffee and cheesecake..take care dear sis..


  2. Salaam, nice to meet you. I hope that you will be a good luck this travel to Gaza. I`m very grateful. Thanks you.
    From Chile.

  3. We were so thrilled to see you come all that way and in spite of the tiredness, you were all in high spirits, kind and gracious to everyone. Italy will never forget you, so make sure you tell all who are with you that you brought to us the image of goodness and sacrifice for other people.
    and, you all looked fresh as morning flowers!
    We hope your ferry trip was smooth and more comfortable and that every kilometre you travel is one of safety. Watching your ferry leave, with the flags waving in the wind, brought immense emotion and gratitude to us all. We love you!!


  4. Azura, you look very comfortable in a nice setting. Not that rough after all!

  5. Azura, on behalf Of our friends in SSP78. We're so proud of you girl. May Allah look after you through out your journey and may you and your convoy always will be under His care. You go girl make SSP78 and Malaysia proud!!!
    Take care dear. Love from all of us in Malaysia.

    Inez of SSP78