Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In France with Viva Palestina 5 Convoy

Salaam my dear family and friends,

Jap, I want to share a youtube video on Viva Palestina 5 Convoy taken in France. It shows solidarity among citizens of the world. Feel so good to be with them... they inspire me and makes me feel that together, we can achieve anything, inshaAllah!

And of course, paling syok is that you can see one of our brothers from Viva Palestina Malaysia (Aqsa Sharif) holding the Malaysian flag in the background.

Bak kata Bro Dr Zin - Hidup Hidup Palestine!!
And Sis Zabrina - Viva Viva Palestina!!
While myself says- Gaza, Gaza, Here Comes Azura!!!

Bila la nak sampai Gaza nie....

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