Tuesday, September 21, 2010

While Passing Turin...

My dearest family and friends,

We arrived in Turin, Itali being escorted by (in Azra's words) handsome policemen riders in tight uniform....

Great news while driving to Turin was that IKIM Radio has agreed to do a live phone interview with the  Malaysian team members together with a few abang 'Mat Salleh' tomorrow (22nd September) at about 2pm Malaysian time. It is scheduled to be aired the same day at about 10pm Malaysian time. But I will reconfirm this with you guys as soon as I get the news.

TV3 will also do something too! I will let you know soon inshaAllah.

The view while driving was mashaAllah. Mountains, Valleys, Alps etc etc... breathtaking...

Although my hands were shaky holding the video camera, I tried to capture, record and filmed as many pictures as possible, or else Zabrina is not going to be too happy with me when I arrive home with empty CDs (as per her warning to me before departure)

And as a counter warning  yesterday, I told her she better get all the pictures I painfully take and send to her (via expensive roaming service charges), or else I will not only boycott Israel, but also boycott, or in Malay word, I will 'mogok' from sending pictures to her! hehe....

In my enthusiasm, I actually took so much pictures/video that I used up the CDs quite fast!

I cannot help it- the scenery was so wow... beauty, beauty, beauty, mashaAllah... and you know what, this beautiful highway got NO TOLL!!! ..he he... the road is free for all... great, right?

And also while driving, we finally got our Blackberry Messenger on- alas!

So now- we, both me and Azra were also busy chatting with the BBM ladies- Zabrina, Jamilah, Jemaimah and Noraini (who is now not in Malaysia)- all the way. These beautiful and enthusiastic (sorry, Azura, I have to insert these adjectives in! lol!) ladies so sibuk2 or in English nosy la... asking about scenery la, driving skill la, food, tired or not, leg aching or not etc etc.

But their sibuk-ing keeps me and Azra all happy and hyper!!

Thanks ladies!

But the moment Azra mentioned Italino riders, the whole bunch suddenly forgot about the beautiful scenery and our physical conditions; and asked us to focus on capturing the pictures of the police force. And Zabrina said, she will sell RM1 per picture with all proceeds goes back to VPM!

Haiyoo, Zabrina...exploitation mah....

Zabrina did mention to me to keep my eyes on the road and not to speed, or else my traffic speeding ticket collection will not stop in Malaysia, but will extend to France and Italy too! hehe.... worse, VPUK will suddenly be billed for them!

I said no worries... Me, Azura- a good driver outside Malaysia... she said, ada ka patut like that!... only outside Malaysia good? No wonder laaa you receive many love letters from the Traffic police these past years...

Relax Zabrina.... worse come to worse, if they take away my driving license, you can drive me around, right?  Lol!

And as extracted from the VPUK site,

'This meant that the day's programme had to be substantially curtailed as the delay wiped out several of them. However the Italian police were much more accommodating, dozens of motorcycle cops were on hand to escort the convoy into Turin, passing dozens of supporters, several of whom sent off smoke flares of welcome. 

After a rally in beautiful Castle Square in the dying sunlight the vans set off for Milan and the first night under canvas.'

Goodbye Turin, Itali... hello Milan!

Love from Azura,
(Hyper from too much coffee thru the 233km drive!)

The 20km Tunnel to Turin

(posted by Sis Zabrina for the clearly caffein overdose Azura)

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