Saturday, September 18, 2010

Journey to Gaza Begins- 18th September 2010

Salaam and hello dear all,

Today we had English Breakfast, literally, with some friends at the hotel we checked in.

Before we head start our day, I texted Zabrina, wanting to let her know a few things to convey to my mum. And of course, to tell her that I missed her too!

Then we went to the warehouse to collect our vehicles.

My van is numbered as A2, and the rest of the vans are A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7. Seems that the number stickers we made for our vehicles now would go to waste!

But maybe not.

Knowing my friends back home, they would go 'Ooo-Som' to get the Number 1 sticker to paste on their car! Wait, or is it 'lat-talilat-lai-li-tamplong?'

Oh well....

Anyway, just before the start of our historic journey, all the Malaysian guys were hugging one another saying goodbye. In the midst of the farewell wishes, Bro Azem, one of the Malaysian students couldn't hold back his tears. His emotions affected the rest of the brothers, and needless to say, every single brother was teary.

I was still a tough cookie at that point.

But the moment my van left the warehouse, I remembered that just 2 years back in 2008, I was watching horrifiedly on my TV set how the innocent children were bombed- suddenly, I felt overwhelmed and  started crying.

Perhaps that was why Zabrina, Jemaimah and Azian cried the other day at the airport. The thought of meeting some of these beautiful children myself, choked me.

Life indeed has its own twists and turns...

So now, I am on the road, making my way to Paris, France with the rest of the activists.

With Azra driving first, I now have time to ponder and dream of my coming days when I will set my foot in Gaza...

(posted by Sis Zabrina on behalf of Azura)

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