Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Dancing Imam Who Listens to Raihan - Viva Palestina 5 Convoy

Salam and hi dear all,

Recently, in one of my text messages to Zabrina, I told her that our vehicle was overheated and had a breakdown. So, we left it at the sports complex where we stayed for the night.

We then were asked to join in the vehicle driven by a group of Pakistani brothers from Bristol, UK...

And my, my... what a pleasant and sweet surprise me and Azra had when riding the van. We suddenly heard a very familiar voice and an even more familiar song.

And what are these brothers playing?

The infamous Nasheed group from Malaysia- Raihan! Yoohoo!

Feel so proud at that moment... and a little bit homesick... a little bit only....

Bravo Raihan!

When I told Zabrina about it, she said that I should snappy snap some pictures of the UK brothers who can sing Malaysian nasheed songs.

So, Zab, this is because of you. But I got only one.... and like they say, better one than none, right? :))

Nasir Birmingham.... the dancing imam who listens and sings Raihan...
(Posted by Zabrina (for Azura) who wonders if Azura knows the Raihan lyrics as good as the Bristol brothers)

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