Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Greece with Love.... Viva Palestina 5 Convoy

Salam and hi all,

I am now in Greece- by the seaside, watching the beautiful sea... enjoying the sepoi-sepoi wind...closing my semi-tired and semi-puffy eyes while dreaming of what it will be like to step into Gaza very very soon...

Bliss, right? Indeed it is!

But, before any of my friends out there think that I am on a holiday trip, sitting by the beach, let me tell you first that;

one- my bed has been my car seat the last 2 nights (all muscles stiff + painful);
two- I am now an expert in using portable toilets (can give kursus after this) and;
three- I was just able to shower after more than 36 hours!!

And some of us here didnt get to shower more than 48 hours...

So, I am not in Holiday Inn or Hilton or Double Tree, ok...

In fact, we were locked out of one of our sleeping areas last night!

After a full day of awareness activities, campaign around town in Greece, doing demo in town The Stadio Neo Rissio at Themes district, proudly driving our Viva Palestina 5 stickered vehicles with flags and talking to the nice people of Greece about Palestinians and their severe oppression, we went back to our camping site (full of sweat, very the smelly and horribly tired) just to find the entrance gates are locked!

Haiyooo.... got so annoyed.

Amazing what ppl willing to do to stop and deter the efforts of goodness. But, if you think by locking us out, you'll deter us, you are seriously wrong, my man... seriously wrong...

So, this is no holiday, I can assure you..

But today we get to sleep at this beautiful park in tents, that has electricity and internet free wifi!! Alhamdulillah...

And of course, all of us frantically and kelam-kabut started charging everything that needed to be charged. For some of us, bathing vs charging- choose charging!! Haha...

Whey, I choose bathing first then charging ok... how much deodorant can I put on to cover, right?

When I started charging,  I did my phone first coz if my phone without battery, I will be cut off from sending messages and pictures to Zab.

Talking about Zab, I sent her some messages on Saturday, but got no respond.

So pelik (Jem, this means weird) that Zab is so silent.

Then on Sunday morning, I sent la another message asking if she is ok coz so 'quiet' on Saturday.

'Azura, you forgot ke? I have an open house yesterday, remember? I told you already babe!'

Oh no!!!

Open House for Eid. I wondered how many open houses I have missed.

I warned Zab not to tell me about the food she served...

But she did say she remembered all hundreds of her convoy family, so, she bought 2 long sticks meant for house painting, and put up two flags - one Malaysian and one Palestinian flag in front on her house.

Wow, so cool beb! I asked where she got the Palestinian flag, she said from where you think? I know already the answer. She must have 'stole' it from VPM office!

And she told me her partner in crime was Jem! Lol!!

Ish..ish..ish... what 'notti' (read: naughty) friends I have back home.. haha...

While there was electricity and internet, I finally got to watch Zabrina's interview with the Al Amin children who drew pictures for the friends in Gaza featured on TV3 during the news segment. ... the segment was so cool... it makes me miss her even more....

Ok, I better stop before someone thinks I have nothing better to do than berleter on the blog.

Tomorrow, we are moving to Turkey, inshaAllah! Pray for us!


(posted by Sis Zabrina blotted from eating too much during open houses for Azura who also blotted from snacking too much while driving to Gaza)

'Mini Food Store' between 2 front seats

My Charging Corner

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